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African Monuments

Many things make cities, countries, and continents unique in their own right and nations have prided themselves in such uniqueness. A mention of the opera house brings no other place to mind than Australia. The Statue of liberty’s location can never be mistaken for any other place beside the United States of America. A thought of romance and the Eiffel tower points straight to France.

These monuments have defined the places where they are sited and have long served as a means of revenue to the governments, companies and individuals alike. But as good as these unique wonders are, they are static and people have to travel several miles to catch a glimpse of them. It’s worth it! you might say but here is the gist! There comes a uniqueness which has come out of Africa among many other things which are as mobile as humans themselves…The African wear! These beautifully designed and styled fabrics and outfits have been handed down for centuries with each generation shaping them to her current needs and definition of style. These fascinating wears stretch through the length and breadth of the African continent like the Adire, Iro and Buba from Nigeria, Zulu dressing from South Africa and much more. The methodology of delivery and trends has evolved but the African heritage remains unadulterated. The good thing about these trends is that it makes the fabrics relevant per time just like the automobile maker Mercedes Benz has evolved over the years to remain the leader and the true definition of luxury on the road. The African wear is no different. It is believed that a person is addressed the way he or she is dressed and the fact that your clothes make up 75% of what people see when they meet you gives you a voice when you are looking presentable. The African wear is that voice, command of dexterity and respect equaled to none in the world as it is in a class of its own and malleable to any fashion trend or social class in the society. Its mobility is also worth noting. People of different races and color have experimented with the African wears and have proven them to be worth the hype. As the computing guru and business mogul Bill Gates said, a lot of things have changed from the stone age up until now and this age must be marked by information technology. That is doing business without walls.

Here is where Friksta takes central stage. An online fashion service provider committed to bringing Africa and what it represents to the world. Find out about her products and services on and a trial will convince you. Don’t delay! Let Friksta style your class!

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